Claire Howieson Designer Jeweller    Cambridge, Cambridgeshire    Featured // November 2017
I am a designer jeweller based in Cambridge working from my studio to design and hand craft individual, beautiful and bold pieces of jewellery using silver, gold, freshwater pearls, precious and semi-precious stones. Much of my work is commission based and I enjoy working with people to create individual bespoke pieces as well as working on my own collection designs. Many of my pieces are inspired by my materials; in particular I enjoy sourcing stones. I am a regular participant of Cambridge Open Studios, which is held in July each year. I am also the original founder of Histon Handmade.Claire Howieson
Birgitte Bruun Jewellery    Cambridge, Cambridgeshire    Featured // March 2016
I am a Danish born jeweller creating contemporary silver and gold jewellery influenced by Scandinavian Design ethos. Cambridge has been my home since the mid-seventies. I handcraft a range of simple, elegant and timeless jewellery. I like to produce contrasts in my work, whether by texturing, oxidising or milling the silver or gold. I particularly enjoy shaping the metal by forging and planishing and many of the pieces involve these techniques. I also include interesting semi-precious stones in my designs and highlights of gold. The full range of jewellery and examples of commissions can be seen on my website.” — Birgitte Bruun


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