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The Cambridge Art Book: Heffers Launch July 2017

Back in July we were lucky enough to get hold of tickets to the launch of The Cambridge Art Book, a fantastic publication showcasing the works of artists who are very much inspired by our beautiful City. Behind the scenes over the last year, a panel of art and Cambridge

‘Wander’ by Dryden Goodwin

When I got off the bus this morning at Cambridge train station I stumbled upon a steel plate set within the pavement on which was a beautiful abstract etching of a man’s face. As I kept walking towards the station I noticed more and more, each with a different portrait, intense in drawing style

Cambridge Sculpture Trails #1

​If you are looking for something to do this Spring that involves getting outdoors and exploring the sights of Cambridge (and which doesn’t cost you a penny) then try one of the Cambridge Sculpture Trails.  The weather brightened up a little this weekend so I did just this!  After a browse around the

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