Get Creative: DIY Spring Favour Bags

DIY Spring Favour Bags

Have you enjoyed our ‘Get Creative’ series so far? You can see our previous posts here! The weather might not be as nice as we would like but Spring is certainly upon us and this month we have another DIY for you. These favour bags are incredibly simple to make – they require no sewing and were made in about 45 minutes.

The fabric used here was bought locally from The Little Fabric Stall on Cambridge Market. They have a lovely range of designer fabric as well as ribbon, twine and other material crafting supplies. This fat quarter was £3.50 and just the right size to make four large favour bags!

DIY Spring Favour Bags

What I used:

  • 1 x Fat Quarter
  • Ruler / Pencil
  • Pinking Shears / Scissors
  • Ultrahold Iron-on Adhesive Tape
  • Iron
  • Ribbon
  • Chocolates

DIY Spring Favour Bags

Step 1: Iron the material before you start and then measure/mark out eight equal sized rectangles on the reverse of the fabric. I used one fat quarter of material and a pencil/ruler to mark out. Mine measured 25cm x 13.5cm – which made four reasonably large bags.

Step 2: Use pinking shears to cut out your eight rectangles. You could use fabric scissors but I found pinking shears were just right for this project; and it also means that the top edge is finished at this stage.

DIY Spring Favour Bags

Step 3: Take two rectangles and the iron-on adhesive tape. On the front side of one piece you will want to iron tape along the two sides and the bottom edge – I made sure to follow the instructions that came with the tape. Place and hold iron on paper liner for two seconds and repeat until the entire surface is bonded.

DIY Spring Favour Bags

Step 5: Once cooled, remove the paper liner. Take your second rectangle and place this face up on your surface. Take your first piece with the adhesive tape on and place this face down on the second piece. Ensure that the pieces are aligned.

Step 6: Press and hold iron for 6-8 seconds on each section to ensure the two pieces are fully bonded along the sides and bottom edge. Once cooled you can then trim the inside seams to remove any excess fabric. Be careful not to cut to close to the inner edge of the tape – I cut about half way through.

Note to self: this could be avoided by using thinner pieces of tape!

DIY Spring Favour Bags

Step 7: Repeat for the other three bags and then turn them the right way out – using a ruler to help you push out the bottom corners.

Step 8: Iron the bags for a final time and cut four lengths of your chosen ribbon to use to tie your bags. I cut lengths of 50cm for a large bow.

That’s it! The bags can then be filled and the ribbons tied on each for a practical and pretty finish. That was simple right? I am so pleased with how they turned out – I filled mine with lots of small Easter treats and gifted them to family members over the holidays. This project would be perfect for wedding favour bags or children’s party bags – just find the right material for your event. Or, if you have spare fabric and ribbon in your craft stash then this would be a great project to use them for!

DIY Spring Favour Bags

(Pictured: Fabric from The Little Fabric Stall on Cambridge Market)

DIY Spring Favour Bags

(Pictured: Bowtique Vintage Ribbon from Hobbycraft Cambridge Store)

I would love to know if you have bought anything from The Little Fabric Stall – let me know in the comments below. It is incredibly important that we support our local independent retailers and I am happy to have stumbled upon this stall on Cambridge Market Square. Can you recommend any other local independent craft suppliers?

If you are looking for more Spring crafting inspiration then do check out this Pinterest board:

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