Get Creative: We Make Collective

We Make Collective

This year we have introduced a ‘Get Creative’ series of posts on the blog aimed at encouraging more people to explore their creativity. If you missed January’s DIY Upcycled Binder post then make sure to check it out here. This month I wanted to share my impression of and makes from the first two kits of my We Make Collective subscription.

I came across We Make Collective last year when Fran – blogger behind Fall For DIY – campaigned on kickstarter to raise funds to start this new venture. I was very much hooked from the moment I heard the following on her campaign video: “Creativity is something we practice and learn. Not something we’re gifted with.”

We Make Collective materials kits ‘are not designed to make a single item, but to enable you to learn a technique and use your individuality to create something original’. The kits are sent every two months and contain a selection of art / craft tools and materials suitable for getting you started learning a particular skill. You are also provided with a password enabling you access to the online tutorials written by the We Make Collective bloggers; which includes Cambridge-based craft blogger Claireabellemakes!

I hope that some of you may be inspired to sign up to the collective.

October 2015 | Travel Loom Materials Kit

Travel Loom Materials Kit


  • Travel Loom
  • Tote Bag
  • Merino Wool Top
  • Yarn
  • Wooden Needle / Comb
  • Needle
  • Online Content Password

When the first kit arrived in October it was exciting – not only because I was looking forward to learning how to weave but also because I knew that my kickstarter donation contributed to the realisation of Fran’s project. I logged straight onto the website to check out the tutorials and was inspired to get going.

Having never weaved before I found the weaving basics section on the website very useful and quickly learned how to assemble the loom and set up the warp threads. I started with some simple tassels and then a basic weaving stitch. I wanted to add some texture to my piece so added some shorter tassels as I worked my way up and also looked at different weaving techniques; I decided to try Soumak weaving which you can see in the green yarn and wool top below.

I really enjoyed completing this and considering I have never weaved before am pretty happy with the result; and I will definitely be creating more wall hangings in the future.

Travel Loom Materials Kit

We Make Collective

I found Pinterest a fantastic source of inspiration – see my board below:

December 2015 | Calligraphy & Hand Lettering Materials Kit

Calligraphy & Hand Lettering Materials Kit


  • Water Brush Pen
  • Dip Pen
  • Watercolour Ink Set
  • Black Calligraphy Ink
  • White Drawing Ink
  • Notebook
  • Online Content Password

The second kit arrived in early December – it was very neatly packaged and contained tools for calligraphy and brush lettering as well as a notebook and a free sample of Sugru. There is a lovely tutorial on the website for how to turn this into a mini ink pot!

After looking at the helpful tips and tricks on the beginner’s section on the website I decided to have a go at brush lettering; using the watercolour ink set and water brush pen. I spent several evenings playing with styles and practising individual letters (the letter P is my least favourite by the way). After filling the entire notebook I started to feel more confident and have since almost filled another one. I really love the watercolour ink set as the colours are highly pigmented and blend very easily.

Calligraphy & Hand Lettering Materials Kit

Calligraphy & Hand Lettering Materials Kit

The contributor tutorials are very much designed to give you ideas of finished products. I discovered that the watercolour inks can also be used on fabric and so I am thinking of making some cushion covers.

I am yet to use the dip pen and calligraphy inks but have booked to go on a free beginner’s calligraphy workshop at the end of March as part of St Paul’s Art Fest 2016 so will be getting these out to play with soon.

February 2016 | Natural Dyeing, Shibori & Batik Kit

Natural Dyeing, Shibori & Batik Kit


  • Indigo Dye Kit
  • Shibori Dye Kit
  • Batik Dye Kit
  • Cotton Fabric
  • Plastic Gloves
  • Online Content Password

Two weeks ago I received the February box which is a natural dyeing kit. It includes the materials for Shibori and Batik dyeing as well as an Indigo dyeing kit. I have been really impressed with the We Make Collective kits so far and look forward to delving into this one in the coming month.

If you would like more details of how you can get your hands on the next kit – April 2016 | Lino & Block Printing Materials Kit – then you can find all the details about how to subscribe over on the We Make Collective website here. There is also the option of just signing up for the online tutorials!


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