Everyday Cambridge @ Hot Numbers Coffee

Everyday Cambridge

by Naomi Davies

17th February – 13th March 2016

Everyday Cambridge - Naomi Davies Art

Cambridge-based artist Naomi Davies introduced her second solo exhibition at Hot Numbers Coffee, Gwydir Street last week and I was pleased to attend the preview evening. Everyday Cambridge is a fantastic collection of iconic scenes of Cambridge brought to life in ink and watercolour. Naomi has captured some of her favourite spots and independent cafés including a series of sketches of host Hot Numbers. She has the fantastic ability to capture everyday moments with such vibrancy and it is wonderful to see a celebration of the City throughout.

Each work is instantly recognisable and I feel as though I could walk straight into them. The wicker baskets on the bikes are striking. Don’t miss the hidden gem…! Christoph

I heard a few people mention the ‘hidden gem’ aka Site Hut, Cambridge – so make sure you find that one on your visit. It was great to talk to others at the preview evening and I am pleased to share such positive comments:

Very Cambridge! I particularly love the sketches of Hot Numbers as I come here often. She has certainly captured the essence of the City. Stephen Naylor

Mabel (aged 9) described Naomi’s work as ‘Amazing’ and we very much agree! If you’d like to find out more about Naomi then make sure you check our our Q&A with her here. Let us know in the comments below if you visit the exhibition and to see more of Naomi’s work visit her website here.

Hot Numbers Feb 16 flyer

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