Get Creative: DIY Upcycled Binder

DIY Upcycled Binder

We wanted to introduce a ‘Get Creative’ series of posts this year aimed at encouraging more people to explore their creativity. This month I am sharing this simple DIY Upcycled Binder. I long to be more organised but in all honesty I struggle to keep on top of things most of the time. I was sorting through a hoard of old paperwork just before the New Year and after throwing a lot away was left with a binder and some miscellaneous stationery. I wanted to see if I could give these a new lease of life and use the finished product to help me plan my time a little better.

DIY Upcycled BinderWhat I used:

  • Recycled Binder / Dividers / Plastic Wallets
  • White Labels / Mini Pegs / Clips
  • Spray Paint / Glitter Paint / Decorative Tape
  • Masking Tape / Spray Glue / Hole Punch
  • Card / Paper / Printable Pages

DIY Upcycled Binder

Step 1: Mask out chosen design on binder. I decided to go for a gold and black geometric pattern – and mirrored the design to get a symmetrical image on the front and back.

Step 2: In a well ventilated area spray paint binder in at least two coats. I made sure to follow the instructions on the can and allowed plenty of drying time.

Step 3: Once dry – masking tape can be carefully removed. I will be covering the binder with some sticky-back plastic to protect it from getting scuffed as the surface is reasonably delicate.

DIY Upcycled Binder

Step 4: Spray dividers both front and back. I also found some labels, envelopes, mini pegs and clips to spray and was really pleased with how they turned out.

Step 5: Use decorative tape to cover the edges of the plastic wallets. Then use a hole punch to re-punch them to fit binder.

DIY Upcycled Binder

Step 6: Use card to cover the spine of the binder. I am thinking of how to label this… any ideas?

I also created a dashboard to go at the front of the binder by printing out some simple lettering, painting it with gold glitter, used decorative tape to attach it to gold card and then stuck this to the front of a plastic wallet using spray glue. I really enjoyed the process of up-cycling and love the final outcome. I hope some of you are inspired to see what you have lying around the house that could be transformed!

DIY Upcycled Binder

(Pictured: 2016 Day-to-View Diary from Sainsbury’s)

DIY Upcycled Binder

(Pictured: 2016 Ultimate Blog Planner Kit pages from Designer Blogs)

I took some inspiration from Pinterest and created a board which you can see here:

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