Shop Handmade at Christmas #1

It is only a month until Christmas Day and so we thought it was about time we ran a mini-series of blog posts featuring some great gift ideas. The Trove aims to promote and support local artists, designers and makers and in this series you will see a selection of handmade products crafted right here in Cambridgeshire! Alongside each post we will be highlighting reasons why buying handmade and local is important. We would also like to make you aware of the Just A Card campaign – see below for more information. So, let’s start with some stocking fillers for her…

Stocking Fillers for her

  1. Betsy Crochet Hair Slides by Flourish and Fly
    £7.00 + shipping
  2. Bracelets by Signature Home Designs
    £3.49 + shipping
  3. Scrabble Inspired Letter Keyring by Claireabellemakes
    £4.00 + shipping
  4. A6 Staple Bound Notebook by Caren Barry
    £3.00 + shipping
  5. Felt Doughnut Keyring Accessory by KatesKraft
    £4.00 + shipping
  6. Gemstone Wire Wrapped Ring by PsImVegan
    £3.00 + shipping
  7. Fabric Covered Pocket Mirror by Purplespoon Design
    £4.00 + shipping
  8. CALICO Cat Brooch by Sandra Ortuno
    £3.50 + shipping

Why should you buy handmade and local?
By supporting local artisans you are in turn supporting the local economy and community. Furthermore, you can often meet the maker behind the product you have purchased – whether it is buying face-to-face at a craft fair or receiving direct email correspondence about your order.

justacardJust A Card is a campaign supporting artists, designers and makers as well as independent creative businesses. They want others to be aware of how every sale keeps artists, shops and galleries in business – even if it is just a card. Please check out their website by clicking on the logo to find out more – they need your help to spread the word!


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