Cambridge Craft Parties | 30.06.2015

On Tuesday 30th June I attended the – Marbled Clay Trinket Dish – craft party at Rhode Island in Cherry Hinton. #CambridgeCraftParties are run and taught by well-known blogger and maker Claire from and you can find out more about future events and how to book tickets via her website. When I first read about the event on Twitter I thought it would be a great way to spend an evening after work – crafting, relaxing and meeting new people. It turned out to be that and more!

Rhode Island is a venue with a strong vision aiming to incorporate local produce and local arts into its modern and multi-purpose space. Walls are decorated with artworks and the interior is fresh – I particulary like the flower-like wire lighting. I recommend checking out their blog for more information on past events and exhibiting artists.

When I first arrived I was welcomed and seated by Claire, all the materials were laid out alongside place settings, goodie bags and a few bowls of sweet treats, and after a short introduction we delved straight into rolling out the clay. Claire’s instructions and demonstration were very clear to follow. We started by rolling out two large strips of white clay, followed by a thin strip of black, and two medium strips of our chosen colours. These were pinched together at the top, twisted and then rolled. This process was repeated until you could see the marbling effect. The clay was then formed into a ball and rolled out ready for baking at home. Claire had also organised for us to learn a few simple jewellery making techniques afterwards which was an added bonus!

I purchased a ramekin in order to bake the clay and found one with a scalloped edge which I was able to use to shape the edge of the dish. After 25 minutes in the oven and some time to let it cool – here it is…

It was so much fun learning a new skill whilst networking with a great group of creative women.

Check out Claire’s video of the event here!

By Stephanie Freeman

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