Cambridge Community Scrapstore

Tonight I visited the Cambridge Community Scrapstore based at Unit 17, Barnwell Business Park, Barnwell Drive, Cambridge CB5 8UY.  Scrapstore is coordinated by Cambridge City Council with the objective of encouring people to think about recycling and reducing their carbon footprint.

The store is filled with donated materials which members can purchase to reuse in arts and crafts projects.  I spoke with the organisers who explained that they receive donations from the local community as well as local businesses.  They have done a great job of transforming this warehouse space into an inviting store. Yearly membership is offered at £5 per person or £10 if registering as a group.  You will be given a bag which you can fill up for free on your first visit and then for £1 if you bring it back to use again; additional bags can be purchased!  Scrapstore holds a wide variety of materials to rummage through including: paper and card; plastic and wire; pots and containers; and various limited novelty objects such as rubber ducks and shuttlecocks.

There are also a selection of items which you can purchase at a minimal extra cost such as: frames, foil rolls, fabric samples, and wallpaper books.  The end-of-line wallpaper and fabric books are a regular donation by a local interior furnishings company; and considering the price of some paper and fabric these are a great addition!

Scrapstore is open every Wednesday evening (6-7.30pm) and on the second Saturday of every month (1.30-3pm).  To find out more, visit the Facebook page via this link: Cambridge Community Scrapstore

If you would like to learn more about different scrap schemes operating in East Anglia then I highly recommend you check out: the Cambridgeshire Community Reuse & Recycling Network and Reuseful UK.

By Stephanie Freeman

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